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2007-12-09 05:08 pm

Contact details


Something that's been bothering me for a while (but particularly around Christmas) is that I don't have a sensible way to store contact details for people. I had an address book at one point, but it got out of date, then it started running out of space in popular sections, and now I think I've lost it. I've also used a variety of personal organiser/PDA/smartphone things over the years, but the data has survived about as well as the devices that stored it, since the manufacturers of such things seem to assume that you use Windows and only want to sync with Outlook. (And in the case of the Psion 3c, that you wanted to pay extra for a serial cable for it.) So, given that this is the 21st century and I have a phone with an "uncapped" data plan, some kind of web-based system seems like the way forward. Except I don't know of any existing ones, either web services or software I could install on my web server.

So, I turn to you, oh livejournal friends list. How do you store people's contact details - especially physical addresses? How should I do it?