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Since we (well, [livejournal.com profile] terpsichore1980 purchased a new bathroom from Dolphin, which was installed just before Easter 2007, the following things have happened:
  • The grout and adhesive securing one of the floor tiles have cracked, leading to a pronounced wobble. (Now fixed by YT, but there are cracks around other tiles that need dealing with.)

  • The radiator has come loose from the wall. AFAICS this can only be fixed with the application of "No More Nails" or by replacing the wall mounts, a job involving minor plumbing.

  • The completely inadequate extractor fan has required us to keep the door propped open for several hours every time someone takes a shower, otherwise black mould grows on all the silicone sealant.

  • In consequence, some of the silicone sealant has already had to be replaced. More will probably follow.

  • The vanity cupboard under the sink was installed two inches from the side panel of the bath, rendering the latter non-removable, and preventing the last foot or so of panel from being sealed to the floor tiles.

  • A puddle several millimetres deep forms at the tap end of the bath whenever someone takes a shower, forming a sufficient head of water to leak under or around virtually any shower screen, pooling on the floor. After several attempts I'm finally close to solving this one, but when I do I expect said puddle to form a haven for pond life, no doubt including black mould.

Strangely we didn't choose sister-company Moben for our kitchen...
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